Turnkey design

Complete support from the first call until the work is completed

Pre-purchase inspection - Soluo septic solutions

We are aware that replacing a septic tank and a drain field is a financially significant project and that every detail must be analyzed carefully to ensure the installation of a functional and durable septic installation.

This is why our team of technologists and septic installation experts has developed a turnkey design offer guiding you through the process of setting up your new septic installation from A to Z.


Free planning

Answers to your questions

Have you been asked to bring your septic installation up to standard? Whatever your project related to your septic installation, our experts answer your questions free of charge at all times.


Site visit

A complete study of your land by our experts

Our experts plan a visit to your land to carry out a complete analysis of the characteristics of your land; the type of soil, the available surface area, the slopes of your land, the presence of wells and other elements influencing the location of your future septic installation.


Plans and quote

Preparation of detailed plans and quote for septic installation

Once the site visit has been carried out, our experts prepare the plans for your future septic installation in order to allow you to apply for a permit from your municipality and to prepare a quote for the work on your future septic installation by one of our accredited contractors. This quote will be presented to you free of charge in person or via a virtual meeting by a Soluo expert to ensure that all your questions on it are answered.

Permit application

Free support in your permit application

If necessary, our experts will assist you free of charge in requesting a permit from your municipality for the installation of your new septic installation. Making more than 500 requests per year, our experts are familiar with the usual questions from different municipalities and are able to answer them quickly.

Reference of certified excavators

Reference of trusted specialized excavators

At Soluo, we are convinced that the excavation of your septic tank, drain field or any other element of your septic system must be carried out by an experienced and competent contractor to maximize the lifespan of your septic system. By choosing one of our certified contractors, you will have peace of mind.

Works inspection

Inspection of the work by our experts for peace of mind

Your Soluo expert will make the inspection of the excavation work to ensure that the septic installation work represents the plans produced by our team and complies with all regulations. You will then receive a compliance report and an as-built plan to keep in your records for future reference.

Guarantee and support

Benefit from a 10-year guarantee on septic installation work

When you join our turnkey experience in septic design and installation work, benefit from a 10-year warranty on septic installation work. All you have to do is enjoy your new septic installation and outdoor living space!

Conducting a septic tank soil test

Discover the main steps of a soil test by Soluo

A visit of your land by a Soluo expert always ideally takes place in your presence. Our experts want to make sure that they fully understand your current and future needs in terms of water sanitation and use of your land so that the solution that will be proposed to you represents these.

When our experts arrive on your site, they will ask you all the necessary questions to guide the next steps of the soil test visit. They will also take the opportunity to answer all your questions about your current septic system.
Our experts always work with surveying equipment to take the most precise measurements of your land. The objective of this precision is to ensure that all possible solutions are analyzed and that the best solution is offered to you.
Our experts will carry out a percolation test on site to find out how easily waste water can pass through the soil on your property. We will also take a second sample to analyze the particle size of your soil and find out its exact composition.
When possible, our experts will present their findings to you on possible solutions on your site. If necessary, they will also present the different technological possibilities available to you in order to guide the design of your septic installation plans.
Our experts ensure that you have all of your questions answered before leaving your property. All the elements collected will be shared with our design teams so that the plans for your future septic installation can be produced.

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