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A Solupro, what is it ?

We design and install hundreds of septic systems each year and our teams of experts are not able to cover all regions of the province. In addition, we believe it is important to offer our customers the opportunity to choose their professionals, excavators and brokers from among the best in the industry if they so wish.

Being a Solupro means being an integral part of our large provincial network of excellence regarding septic installations and to be daily referred to set up the septic installations created by our expert network.

Solupro Benefits

Testimonials from our Solupro members

Frédéric Gingras, Real estate broker, Équipe Fred et Max Inc.

« Our team aims to always provide the best possible service and experience to our customers. It was essential for us to integrate the Solupro network in order to be able to better inform our buyers and sellers in their real estate transaction. The Soluo team is always available to support us in complex situations and provide comprehensive detailed reports to our clients. »

François Bouchard, General contractor, Construction Est-Ouest Inc.

« Our company specializes in the construction of prestigious homes and our team supports our customers in their project from A to Z. It was essential for me that our entire team be well trained and equipped to support our customers in the choice, installation and use of their new septic system. In addition, we have chosen the Soluo team for the design and work of all of our septic systems so that our customers are assured of having the best possible option every time. »

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Questions about Solupro ?

Our team performs a checklist to ensure that you are a true expert in septic installation. Your knowledge, your work ethic, your reputation, your certifications and many other elements are validated by our experts before recommending you to our customers.

In addition to the tools, references and other elements mentioned above, becoming a Solupro gives you access to our network of excellence, events and priority services so that you can better respond to your customers.

Because we simply believe that we are better together and to change an industry, we must bring together the best in our industry.

It’s absolutely free ! In fact, to become a Solupro, a verification process is carried out to prove your excellence in the field of septic systems. If necessary, we are able to offer you appropriate training to complete your Solupro status.

The Solupro network was launched in January 2023. Our member list will be made available via an expertise directory so that customers can find out about the best references in each industry.

That’s what’s great about the Solupro network; anyone who has to work directly or indirectly with residential septic systems can become a Solupro. Since the objective of the program is to raise the standards of our industry and eliminate misinformation on the market, we are convinced that it is by bringing together the best experts in Quebec that we will succeed in achieving a province without polluting residences.

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