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Pre-purchase inspection - Soluo septic solutions

Becoming the owner of a residence with a septic system should not be taken lightly, after all it manages all of your waste water, and our experts are there to support you in each of the stages of acquisition of a residence or land. Our experts can assist you with all your septic installation inspection and septic tank inspection needs.

Are you in the process of buying a new home or vacant land? Congratulations ! This is a beautiful life project that will require several important steps not to be neglected to ensure peace of mind during your big move.

Your real estate broker or real estate expert will accompany you for many of these steps. However, since the complexity of the provincial regulation regarding septic installation, it could be easy to make a mistake that could generate unwanted costs in the future. Our Soluo experts receive initial and annual training in order to be able to accompany you in this important stage of your life.

Vacant land inspection - Soluo septic solutions

Septic inspection service

Land inspection

When buying land, you will want to know what type of septic installation will be possible to build and therefore what the possibilities of building construction will be on this land. A Soluo expert will accompany you to ensure that coveted land is meeting your current and future ambitions.

Existing property inspection - Soluo septic solutions

Septic inspection service

Inspection for existing residence

When buying a home, for a septic installation has an average lifespan of between 20 and 25 years, it is important that you know the possibilities of replacing your septic installation with an septic tank inspection service because it will have to be in a different place then the last installation. It is therefore essential that you schedule a pre-purchase inspection with a Soluo expert to ensure the feasibility of a new installation when the time is right and that you are aware of the average cost of that installation.

Training and Inspection for owners

Do you own a septic system?

Septic installation owner training - Soluo septic solutions

Do you have an isolated residence with a septic installation? Several types of systems exist and it can sometimes be difficult to navigate.

At Soluo, we offer you short training sessions on your property in order to inform you about your system, its replacement possibilities and the best practices for using it.

This training can be face-to-face or virtual depending on your reality.

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